Saturday, 26 June 2010


Bluuurrrggghhhhh, i'm really starting to get sick of working a f*cking timber mill. I still have no creative job either but it's only been a month since i left uni i suppose.

I think the worst thing about leaving university is spending all that time, money and energy working towards getting a good degree to come out the other end and find there aren't many jobs available in the industry you've just spent twenty grand training for.
I was thinking about doing a masters but i believe i would be doing it for the wrong reasons. Just prolonging the inevitable long drawn out job hunt and simply adding more debt.

Suppose i feel a little trapped, not having something to work towards. Meh

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  1. If you're looking for a filler to get some experience and make some money (to pay off some of your debts) I recomend teaching English abroad. Go to south Korea for a year, they pay about a thousand pounds a month (er.. 2000$?), with free accomodation and all you need is a university degree. Better than working in a timber mill and it'll give you some more interesting work experience and some inspiration for your art. Japan is good too, but too expensive and over-rated.