Friday, 12 March 2010

Good week... ish

Wooo finally scanned in some sketches. It has been a pretty productive week, i actually fell asleep at my desk today which was fun. I've built a character, finished about five production paintings for expo tees and i've organised the assets for a whole f!*ing level no thanks to my sh*tty lazy f**ing dev group. We have the biggest team in the whole year and people still can't keep to deadlines. Myself and one of the guys i live with looked over the work logs today and one of the artists had made a tree. A single tree.... we've had a whole uni year to make a game and this guy has made a tree... which i had to design for him. People are shit.

On a lighter note my Dare teams game idea is awesome and realistic. I'm not optimistic unless we win the competition

Also, couldn't this be like prostitution?

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